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Alumni Speaks

Name: Basit Patel
Batch: 2011
Industry: Divya Bhaskar(Senior Management Associate)

I have been blessed with such a supportive and brilliant teacher's that make my future better. Also they are supporting till date and its been a wonderful experience to have education from IQRA BCA COLLEGE.

Name:Bhaiji Rozmina Shoukat
Batch: 2014

I offer my heartfelt gratitude to all my professors and management who lift me up with their unending support. For all Junior's - IBC teachers will help you to focus and learn to grow up. Thanks to management for providing such a good scholarship which had been so use full for me.

Name: Navshina Patel
Batch: 2011
Institute: Matliwala Public school (Teacher)

I have done studies from IBC, it was a very friendly and safe environment for girls. Teacher are also very helpful and co-operative, I have learned many things from this institute also enjoyed a lot, I am blessed that i have done studies from IQRA BCA COLLEGE.

Name: Aamir Abdul Sitponiya
Batch: 2015
Industry: NightFox Technologies (Software Developer)

It was a great experience at IQRA. Those days are really good and memorable which I have never Experienced those like before. I am very thankful to all the faculties who not only helped me in studies but also in all my ups and downs. Teaching by the faculties is at the peak, never ever experienced before. The knowledge and transformation I had with this college is the reason I find myself successful today.

I suggest to those who are reading this and yet not been a part of this college. "If you have planned to do BCA then please be a part of this college, you will find yourself very important to others after being part of this college".